Where are the arithmetic tags?

KM2 had the arithmetic tags [+], [-], [*], and [/] but they are not present in KM3. KM3 introduces a faster easier way to do arithmetic by allowing you to just write the equation without the need for multiple square brackets and commas that can get confusing as equations get larger.

How would I write these equations?

Equations are denoted by a '<' and a '>' surrounding itself. Anything between the '<' and '>' will follow the standard order of operations: brackets, multiplication / division, and addition / subtraction.


<2+2> = 4
<1+2-3*4/5(6)> = 11.4
<(3+1)(3-1)> = 8
<(3+1)+<3*3*3>(3-1)> = 58 *
<[pow,2,3]*2+1> = 17 **

* You can put arithmetic tags in other arithmetic tags and it will act the same as brackets.

** Tags can be used in the equations as well so long as they return a number.