What are Variables?

Variables store a value which can be called at a later time for retrieval. This allows dynamic value changing between lines, syllables, and/or characters. They also make your script more readable and easier to modify.

How do I declare a variable?

In your script just add "Variable" or "var" followed by the name you wish to give it (in the following example it's "tmp") and finally "{}".

Variable tmp {
   template = "[tmp]";
   startvalue = "0";
   refresh = no;
var tmp {
   template = "[tmp]";
   startvalue = "0";
   refresh = no;

What properties are there?

  -template (Template)
  -startvalue (Start Value)
  -refres (Refresh Mode)

template (Template)

The template property specifies how to interpret the karaoke timings and syllables.


template = <String>
template = <Integer>
template = <Decimal>
template = <Boolean>

startvalue (Start Value)

The startvalue property specifies what the variables starting value is.


startvalue = <String>
startvalue = <Integer>
startvalue = <Decimal>
startvalue = <Boolean>

refres (Refresh Mode)

The refresh property specifies if and how the variable should be automatically refreshed.


refresh = <Integer> {0, 1, 2};
refresh = <String> {no, before, after};