What are arrays?

Arrays store multiple Variables each associated with an index. The value at any given index in an array is set to the array's template once the value has been called for the frist time. The value won't change until you reset the array or manually set the value.

How do I declare an array?

Add "Array" followed by the name you wish to give it (in the following example it's "a") and finally "{}" to the script.

Array a {}

The following shows each property set to its default value.

Array num {
   template = 0;

What properties are there?

  -template (Template)

template (Template)

The template property specifies a template to associate with the array's value.


template = string;

What methods are there?

  -reset (Reset)
  -set (Set)

reset (Reset)

The reset method resets the array's values.

Use: (Using the Array "a".)


set (Set)

The set method sets the value at the specified index (the first parameter) in the array to the value of the second parameter.

Use: (Using the Array "a".)