What are events?

Events are how KM3 interprets the origional script's event lines. Events allow you to easily modify each line's start time, end time, style, and text.

How do I declare an event?

In your script just add "Event" followed by the name you wish to give it (in the following example it's "main") and finally "{}".

Event main {}

The above is the default "Event" as no properties were specified. Any property not specified will be assigned its default value. The following shows each property set to its default value.

Event main {
   template = [s];
   start = [start];
   end = [end];
   style = [d];
   flags = 1;

The semicolon at the end of each property line indicates thats where the property ends and must be there. Anyone knowledgeable with C languages should find this familiar.

What properties are there?

  -template (Template)
  -start (Start Time)
  -end (End Time)
  -style (Style)
  -flags (Flags)

template (Template)

The template property specifies how to interpret the karaoke timings and syllables.


template = [s];
template = [s,string {character, characternospace, word}];
template = [s,integer {0, 1, 2}];
template = [s,string {character, characternospace, word},integer];
template = [s,integer {0, 1, 2},integer];

Examples: (Using the line "{\k28}ka{\k33}ze {\k44}ga {\k22}i{\k23}ro {\k26}ni {\k22}na{\k23}t{\k67}te".)

[s] = {\k28}ka{\k33}ze {\k44}ga {\k22}i{\k23}ro {\k26}ni {\k22}na{\k23}t{\k67}te
[s,0] = {\k1}k{\k1}a{\k1}z{\k1}e{\k1} {\k1}g{\k1}a{\k1} {\k1}i{\k1}r{\k1}o{\k1} {\k1}n{\k1}i{\k1} {\k1}n{\k1}a...
[s,1] = {\k1}k{\k1}a{\k1}z{\k1}e {\k1}g{\k1}a {\k1}i{\k1}r{\k1}o {\k1}n{\k1}i {\k1}n{\k1}a{\k1}t{\k1}t{\k1}e
[s,2] = {\k1}kaze {\k1}ga {\k1}iro {\k1}ni {\k1}natte
[s,2,10] = {\k10}kaze {\k10}ga {\k10}iro {\k10}ni {\k10}natte

start (Start Time)

The start property specifies how to interpret the karaoke line's start time.


start = [start];
start = integer;

Examples: (Using a start time of "0:00:23.40".)

[start] = 0:00:23.20
<[start] - 300> = 0:00:23.10

end (End Time)

The end property specifies how to interpret the karaoke line's end time.


end = [end];
end = integer;

Examples: (Using a start time of "0:00:23.20".)

[end] = 0:00:23.40
<[end] + 410> = 0:00:23.61

style (Style)

The style property specifies the style of the line.


style = [d];
style = string;

flags (Flags)

The flags property specifies certain attributes and condtions to consider when processing the event.


flags = 0 / flags = none; // Normal state; no flags are set.
flags = 1 / flags = adjust; // Add pause to the start of karaoke timings if the start time is shifted backwards.